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If you let out a furnished room in your home, provided it is not an office, Rent a Room relief can be claimed rather than paying tax on the net profit. Rent a room relief is a fixed figure of up to £7500 per household (£3750 each for a couple) and is deducted from the gross rents received.

Gross rents include any receipts for meal, laundry or other amounts. You cannot deduct any expenses if you claim Rent a Room relief nor can it create a loss. It is simpler than apportioning all the home expenses and is normally more beneficial.

If your gross receipts are less than £7,500 then you would automatically claim the Rent a Room relief. If you receive more than this figure, you have to see if your share of expenses are more than £7500. The expenses which could be claimed are those which relate to the provision of the accommodation.

David has a lodger who has a couple of rooms in Davidís home. The rent and amounts received for meals totals £9,500. The share of expenses relating to the provision of the accommodation and meals is £2975.

Clearly it is advantageous to claim Rent a Room relief in this instance because the taxable income is £4,525 lower.

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David has the choice: Rent a Room Profit
Receipts £9500 £9500
Expenses Nil £2975
Rent a Room £7500 Nil
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