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Higher rate stamp duty land tax for purchases of additional residential properties


What is the 3% Stamp Duty surcharge and who pays it?

England and Northern Ireland:

The 3% stamp duty surcharge is an addition to existing Stamp Duty rates (set out in the table below).
The extra tax applies to anyone, whether you are resident or non-resident, who is buying additional residential properties, for example, a buy-to-let or holiday home, within England and Northern Ireland. To see the official guidance please download the following resource.

Scotland and Wales have devolved taxes as follows:

Scotland – Land and Buildings Transaction Tax –

Wales – Land Transaction Tax –

Stamp duty land tax surcharge for non residents


Non UK residents and UK companies controlled by non UK residents pay an additional 2% surcharge on the purchase of any residential property costing more than £40,000. 

Non UK resident for these purposes means that you were not present in the UK for at least 183 days prior to the date of purchase. So, whilst you may be resident for Income Tax purposes, you may not be resident for Stamp Duty Land Tax purposes.


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