Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax on property

A major concern for landlords is how to avoid Inheritance Tax on property. When speaking to landlords, much like myself, they seek long-term capital growth and to supplement their current and retirement income with a view to protecting their property wealth and...

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Residence nil rate band frozen

With the residence nil rate band being frozen until 2026, if you have a high-value estate in the family it might be worth planning ahead to make sure you reduce the inheritance tax bill. Our latest blog explains more. The residence nil rate band (RNRB) is an...

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How to avoid Inheritance tax on property

How to avoid inheritance tax on property is an ever increasing concern for many landlords. No one likes the idea of the taxman taking a chunk of their estate when they die. Even less if it will be necessary to sell a much-loved property to pay the inheritance (IHT)...

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