Confirmation statements

A Confirmation Statement (which replaces the Annual Return) is submitted to Companies House annually and needs to be submitted within 28 days of the anniversary of when the company was incorporated, so if the company was incorporated on 18th December 2020 the date that the next confirmation statement will be made up to is the 18th December 2021 and will be due by 15th January 2022.

What a confirmation statement includes:

  • details of the directors and company secretary, if it has one
  • what your company does – including its standard industrial classification (SIC) codes
  • the type of company it is, eg private or public
  • the registered company address
  • the ‘single alternative inspection location’ (SAIL) – the address where records are kept if not at the registered address
  • shareholders and shareholdings
  • details of controlling parties

There is a charge of £13 (online) or £40 (paper copy) to submit this form to Companies House. There is no late fine fee but if you consistently file late you can be fined up to £5,000. If you don’t deliver the company’s confirmation statement, the registrar might assume the company isn’t carrying on business or in operation any longer and take steps to strike it from the register.


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