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How much tax will I pay on my rental income?

There are complicated calculations behind rental income.

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Allowable costs against rental income?

It’s one of the most common questions we get asked and it’s understandable why. 

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Self assessment - how it works

How does Self assessment work – let us explain by way of example.

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How to work out your Capital Gains Tax

In 2008, the calculation of Capital Gains was simplified as this article explains.

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How to work out for non residents

If you dispose of a dwelling in the UK, you are liable to tax on the Capital Gain.

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Types of ownership

Sole ownership, Joint ownership, Common ownership, How to save CGT.

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Are you a non-resident landlord?

Under the statutory residence test, you first need to determine whether or not you are resident in the UK in a legal sense.

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Self assessment overseas landlords

A non-resident landlords’ managing agent or tenant in the UK has a duty to deduct tax at the basic rate and remit it to HMRC, the UK tax authority.

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Penalties for late filing or payment

You should file your return on time and pay tax on time. Failure to do so not only increases your risk of any HMRC an enquiry but can also incur penalties and interest.

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Should I be a limited company?

Properties can be held in either in individual names or in a limited company. 

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Changes affecting non-resident landlord companies

HMRC is planning to bring all UK and non-UK property owners on to the same tax schemes. What does that mean for you?

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Limited companies and BTL properties

Whether you should own property through a limited company depends on so many factors particular to your circumstances and personal objectives.

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Claiming back VAT

Aimed at renovators and developers, the urban regeneration scheme is quite often overlooked.

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Should I be registered for VAT?

If you are only letting our residential property and you only have PAYE income and or investment income you cannot register for VAT.

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Inheritance tax - a brief summary

Here we outline what Inheritance tax means for you as a property owner.

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