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Wave: A FREE cloud-based accounting software that provides a mobile app to snap, sort and save your receipts. 

Wave is a company that provides online software for small businesses, completely free, with a fast setup and no training required!

Wave is 100% web-based, so you just need an internet connection and browser, no need to install software on your PC. The full details on Wave can be found here

As Wave is cloud-based, the receipt scanner and invoice App uses minimal space on your phone. The main software can also be accessed online through a desktop PC.

And if all this still sounds daunting, call us, we'll take you through it step by step.

Simon Thandi


To register for a FREE Wave account click here

To return to the Wave login page click here


When creating your account please enter your 'company name' as your actual name so we may identify you. If you need to edit your business information/name please use the following link


Once you have registered for Wave please add us as an 'Admin' so we may access your data, please see our FAQ's for details on how to complete this, point 3.


Please note that Wave’s bank connection feature will no longer be available to users in the EU and UK after Open Banking regulations come into effect in September. Wave will automatically sever the connection to any impacted financial institutions that you have connected on or before September 14, 2019. We, therefore, advise not to link your bank account to Wave. Further information on this can be found here


Please also see our WAVE FAQ page for additional information on how to use the software and Apps.

Please ensure you read the section about deleting data.


Wave Receipt Scanner App

You can get your free app by searching for 'Receipts by Wave' in the Apple or Play store or clicking the buttons below


Wave Invoice App

If you need to issue invoices for your business and need to do this on the go, Wave has a handy App for this that links in with your cloud software