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Landlord tax returns

Many of our clients had to do a tax return for the first time when they acquired a property through inheritance or a change in circumstances and gained a secondary source of income. Others are further along the path with two or more properties and they are beginning to turn it into a real business. Whatever your situation, our tax return service is the easy way to avoid paying more than you need and to stay compliant.

Capital gains tax

If you’re thinking of selling a property it’s important to make sure you’ve considered any capital gains tax (CGT) for which you might be liable. UK residents who have to pay tax and all non-residents will need to make a return to HMRC within 30 days of completion of the sale. We can help you work out the potential bill, whether you’re a UK resident landlord or overseas and identify ways you can save on CGT such as sharing ownership with your spouse. 

Inheritance tax

Later in life, you’ll want to start thinking about how to pass on property or other assets with the maximum benefit to your loved ones. In particular, that means taking steps to minimise the risk of inheritance tax traps and make the most of options such as gifting to family members. Talk to us about tax planning, succession and how to make sure your property portfolio can continue to support your family for years to come.

Property companies

If you have a large number of properties or you are a new investor and a higher rate tax payer it may make sense to hold the properties in a limited company. Either way, UK Landlord Tax can provide strategic business advice, specialist tax planning services and handle corporation tax returns on your behalf.