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Single property landlords

If you’re a first time, casual or accidental landlord renting out just one flat or house, you’ll need to complete a tax return to report this additional income to HMRC. Our landlord tax return service, starting at just £175 plus VAT, gives you the reassurance that everything’s been done properly and on time. We’ll claim every relief and allowance to which you’re entitled to.

Landlords with two or more properties

Property is exciting and once you’ve got the taste it can be hard to resist acquiring a second place, a third or more. If you’ve begun buying-to-let in a more serious way, talk to us about tax planning to make sure the rewards of your investment do all go in income tax. We can also advise on inheritance tax, capital gains tax and every other financial aspect of owning and managing property.

Non-resident landlords

Overseas landlord tax is complicated by the way UK tax laws interact with those of other countries and the ongoing need to file paper returns. If you live abroad but have property in Britain, whether it’s a flat or house you’re letting while working abroad or one or more properties you’ve acquired as a foreign investor in the UK, we can take care of your tax return. Our advisers offer support by phone, video meeting or email, at times that suit you.

Property tax for
limited companies

If you’ve established a limited company through which to manage your property portfolio you’ll need to complete a corporation tax return for HMRC every year. We can not only prepare that return on your behalf but also provide tax planning advice, taking into account every available tax reliefs to keep your property company tax bill as low as it can be.