Gas safety certificates

There are several safety measures that landlords need adhere to when renting out their property such as obtaining a gas safety certificate. Under the Gas Safety Regulations Act 1998, these certificates are legally required to be completed annually to ensure all gas appliances are working correctly and safely within a property.

In order to obtain a gas safety certificate, you should contact a gas safe registered heating engineer. These certificates usually cost around £35 to £150 depending on how many appliances you have. Whilst this check is being carried out at your property the gas safe engineer will check the following:

  • Your appliances to see if they are operating at the correct pressure
  • The air supply to your appliances and if they are burning gas correctly
  • Your gas safety devices on your appliances such as the cut-out devices, to ensure they are working correctly.

After the check is complete the engineer will provide you with a copy of this certificate, it is important that you keep this document for at least two years after the check. A copy of this certificate should be given to any tenants that live in the property within two weeks of the check being completed.

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